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The lesser witness

Witness, Retail Sample - Tamara Christians
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by Susan Wingate

When a comet streaks near Earth, its reverberation tears Croy Justice out of bed. The reverberation causes an onset of earthquakes which mark utter ruin on Earth, especially on the small island where Croy Justice lives. With a gang of boys who want to scour her of dignity, Croy must outrun the gang or risk a gruesome death at their hands. Will she survive these end times? Or, will Croy be snapped up into Satan's grip? 

The Lesser Witness is a story about one young woman's fight against evil during a time when all hope has been wiped clean - when Satan is at work and securing his army of doom. The book is perfect for listeners who enjoy apocalyptic fiction by Frank Peretti, Jerry Jenkins, Hugh Howey, and William R. Forstchen.  

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