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Dried Oranges
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Tamara Christians is a seasoned model, chef, writer, actress, and singer.  Her career in professional cooking began in rural Montana, and continued in New York City's semi-fine dining scene during the early 2000s. In 2011, now residing in the greater Philadelphia area, she launched her own boutique food venture, Jossie Catering (now Spellbound Culinary Arts). From simple daily meals to rustic weddings, her western cuisine has delighted diners in the far reaches of the country, including a Pennsylvania State Senator, titled English Lady, and the former Italian Ambassador. She is currently a culinary instructor at the Burlington County Agricultural Center, where she teaches through food science and kitchen witchery. She is a proponent of slow food culture and seasonal eating.


Tamara is a widely respected fine art model. Works of her likeness can be found from upstate New York to South Jersey, Pennsylvania, Montana, and beyond. Read about her journey through the art world.

Tamara loves books and tattoos, good whiskey, and the occasional cigar. She shoots a solid game of pool and dances West Coast Swing. She has a big gray tabby and a house full of plants. You can follow her adventures on Instagram, where her cat has made her very popular, and on goodreads, where she is always growing her bookshelf.

Tamara is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, and an alumnus of the St. Patrick's Cathedral Choir. Listeners describe her voice as warm, sultry, and welcoming. Her literary interests span many genres, and she will happily take you on an adventure to anywhere. 

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